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There are moments like these in life Let us work together to find solutions

1 facturi neplatite

Debts accumulated for objective reasons, have objective solutions

Most likely you are on this page because we have got a notice concerning an action of debt recovery. And the fact you are here puts you in the position to be closer to solving this deadlock. We say this based on a belief, developed over 22 years of experience in debts collection, that most debtors do not make it on purpose, but often, from objective reasons.

2 Reactie rapida

Postponing is not a solution!

Our role is to provide optimal solutions to overcome this deadlock. If you have got a phone call or a letter from us, please contact us. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can help you. The more we know about your situation, the better solutions we can find.

3 Mediator

We are specialists in debts settlement

When banks, leasing companies or other creditors do not have the necessary resources for debts collection, they can hire debt collection agencies to act on their behalf. The debt is still yours to be paid. The right to collect the debt was transferred to us, DM International Collection, and our goal is to work together to help you solve your debt in a way that you can easily manage.

4 Colaborare

Cooperation and dialogue are the keys to solving your situation rapidly

Although our company was hired by the creditor who asks you to pay your debt, we want you to start thinking that all parties involved in this situation have a common goal of closing the debt with fewer headaches. Cooperation and dialogue with the expert from DM International Collection, who has the same purpose with you, are the keys to amicable and effective solutions of the situation, thus avoiding disputes and related costs.

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